A little update but a bigger thank you!

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Following last nights update from the government, it’s time to hang up our gowns and store away our scissors temporarily and stand together to protect our exceptional nation from the spread of Covid-19.

Never an easy thing to do as a small business but easy in the fact that we know we are doing all we can to protect our clients, teams and those around us at this time.

The team and I held on to the last minute, and I want to say a massive thank you to Amy who worked right up to 10 pm last night after we moved as many clients to the front end of this week.

We re-opened our on-line bookings earlier today, and I am pleased to say that we have been able to rebook all who have requested a new appointment so far (Over 40 of you so thank you so much). Please reach out if we can do anything to assist you in finding an appointment that works for you, and if this lockdown is extended we will work together to manage any changes needed.

I am also pleased to say I have been able today to set up everything for our on-line store and we’re fully stocked, and the post office is working with us to get these delivered as quickly as possible (They have stopped even asking me if it’s 1st Class Signed for and what’s in it lol)

Total Cover Plus and I are working together to release our new “how-to” videos (sorry some have my face in it – apologies), so as soon as we can, we will share them. Along with our support, we will get each of you through this and don’t’ worry, no matter which salon you go to; we are here to help – just drop us a message!

You may see a few more emails from us; we want to keep you updated but don’t worry, it will only be valuable information.

What we do has always been driven by our creative abilities to change peoples life’s, and we are blessed to be doing that every day.

The team and I are so grateful for all the support we have been given not just over the last few weeks but since day one and we will be back as soon as we can, stronger, wiser and even more blessed to be doing what we do.

We will get through this together so if you need to get in touch, email, phone, social media… even pigeon we will do everything we can to support and advise.

Keep safe and remember we are all in it together, so if you need us, reach out! We are only a message away!

Stay safe, and we look forward to seeing you soon!

Tom, Amy, Rob & Lucy

PS… Once all this is sorted we have a fantastic announcement to make, and we are so excited to share it with you!!! So watch this space!!!! 🙂